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The Handley Project - The Photo Collection

Here you will find all of the various photos that I have found (and usually been able to acquire, myself) depicting the brothers during their playing career. 

Note:  There is much more to come, as I am excited to announce that I will soon be adding images from the George Brace collection, as well as several images from the Baseball Hall of Fame photo archives in Cooperstown, NY!!!

1940 Pirates Spring Training Camp, Gene Handley & Lee Handley         



Lee Handley and his double play partner, Hall of Famer Arky Vaughan at Wrigley Field


From left:  Gene Handley, Lee Handley, with Hall of Famers Paul and Lloyd Waner at Pirates Spring Training Camp


Framed collection of 3 photos, including autographed pieces of each brother


Gene Handley slides into second, trying to break up a double play, Phillies 1947.


1940 Philadelphia A's Team Issue autographed photo of Gene


Team Photo of the 1952 Hollywood Stars PCL Champions

This is an interesting addition to the project.  I picked this up from someone who was selling pieces from Whitey Wietelmann's estate.  It is a 1978 copy of a photo that was originally taken on Feb 25, 1947.  On the reverse, Whitey wrote the following description:  "Second Pirate Squad, in charge of Coach 'Honus Wagner'...headed for Miami Beach Feb 25, 1947. Left to right - John 'Honus' Wagner, Frankie Gustine, Frank Kalin, Whitey Wietelmann, and Lee Handley..."  I had surmised that Lee had some sort of relationship with Honus throughout his Pirate playing days, as Honus Wagner hung around and coached the team in various capacities for many years coincident with Lee's tenure with the team, but until this discovery, I had never seen any hard evidence that they knew each other and were in fact contemporaries.  At least from this we now know that they travelled together on at least one occasion!


Here is a scan of a newswire photo that I don't own (I lost this auction on Ebay).  Lee Handley is pictured with Vince Dimaggio and another Pirates teammate.

Here is a scan of the inside cover from Baseball Magazine, April 1940, featuring Lee Handley.


This is a team photo of the 1960 St. Paul Saints minor league team.  Lee Handley is pictured in the back row, standing second from the left end.

This item brings everything forward in time considerably.  This is a neat item that I just picked up from a fellow collector on the Net54 Board.  It is a cancelled payroll check from the Chicago Cubs organization, made payable to Gene Handley, dated January 10, 1985.  I assume this was for his services as a player scout, in which capacity I know he served for several years.  This is the first time that I have seen his full formal name signature, Eugene L. Handley.