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The Handley Project - Baseball Cards

I am still in the process of tracking down all of the brothers' baseball cards.  It has proven to be an extraordinarily challenging task, as the brothers' mix of major league and Pacific Coast League experience has created a fragmented checklist of sorts for me to assemble.  I have a few goals for this segment of the collection, which include compiling a full checklist and background description of all the cards, acquiring all the cards, and then having all of them holdered by SGC for archival and presentation purposes.  I will then figure out the best way to present all the images and information here on this page.  Below, you will see how far I have gotten thus far.


The brothers were featured in the same baseball card set only once, and as luck would have it, it is one of the rarest of all card issues from the Post WW2 era.  They are featured on card numbers 28 and 34 of the 1949 Bowman Pacific Coast League set.  Of this 36-card set of minor league ballplayers, there are thought to be maybe only 2,000 total cards in existence.  It took me a little more than 15 years of searching to track these two down, you can bet that I splurged to snap them up!




This card of Lee is the 1940 Play Ball, #221.  One of the last cards in the set, it is referred to as being from the "Hi # Series" and is slightly more rare than other cards that were issued in the earlier series during the spring and summer of 1940.


This card is the 1941 Double Play, #33-34 and features Lee along with his double play partner, Hall of Fame Pirates shortstop Arky Vaughan. 

 These two cards of Gene were issued on the West Coast by Mother's Cookies in 1951 and 1952, and depict Gene as an infielder for the Pacific Coast League's Hollywood Stars.

Here is a small collection of photocopied cards from the collection of well-known west coast collector Mark Macrae.  He was gracious enough to take the trouble to send me copies of these 4 cards, all of which are extremely scarce west coast regionally-issued food cards of the Handley brothers.  The first one is the 1940 Hughes Frozen Confections Gene Handley card.  These are very difficult to find in nice condition, as they were issued in ice cream cartons.  The next three are all Hage's Dairy cards, and these were distributed in boxes of popcorn at Lane Field (one of the Pacific Coast League stadium parks).  In order, you see here what I believe to be the 1949 Lee Handley Hage's, and then the 1950 and 1951 Gene Handley Hage's cards.  I am not sure of the years, and you will notice the same image used for both of Gene's cards.  More research needs to be done here, and I believe there to be another year issued of Lee by Hage's as well, not pictured here.




This is the 1984 TCMA of Lee Handley.


This card of Lee is the 1993 Conlon Collection.


Here is a new addition (as of Nov 2008) that I picked up off Ebay.  Admittedly, I didn't do any research at all since it was only $5 and it might be a reprint of some sort, but it was sold as a 1972 TCMA issue.  The image is one of the 1936 Burke photos, I'm guessing.  More info to come, hopefully.