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Eddie Mathews

Now, the reason I collect Eddie is because he was my Dad's favorite player when he was growing up in Milwaukee.  I like the connection, it makes the 1950s and 1960s more meaningful to me as a baseball fan, and I like showing my Dad the cards and the stories it usually elicits.  Eddie seems to have been a good guy, he could sure crush the ball, and he's the only player in MLB history to play for the Braves in all 3 of their cities - so if that doesn't make him cool, I don't know what would!  Oh yes, how about a few more:  Ty Cobb is quoted as saying that Eddie had one of the 3 sweetest swings he'd ever seen, Eddie was the subject of the first ever cover of Sports Illustrated, AND his rookie card is one of the scarcest and most sought-after cards in the post-war era!

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