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The Chisywact Collection

Over the years, I have developed several interests as I accumulated my memorabilia collection.  I am currently in the process of narrowing the focus of my collecting goals, and I have done this for two reasons:  cost and completion.  I can't possibly afford everything that I would like to buy, so it is more rewarding to narrow my efforts to only those items which I can afford.  And refining the scope of my goals to smaller sub-collections is far more satisfying since there is greater hope of completing the effort.  It's no fun if you can't afford what you want, and if there's too much of it!  This is a moving target and will change over time.  For example, I recently abandoned my efforts to collect rookie cards for each member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  After completing about a third of the collection, I decided that I was spending too much money on too many cards that I didn't have any individual interest in looking at or learning about...therefore, we shift focus. 

So here's what I am collecting, and you can see each of these by clicking through the menu items on the left side of the page.

  • Lee Handley and Gene Handley cards and memorabilia
  • Vintage Chicago Cubs cards, primarily tobacco issues of the early 20th century
  • Select cards depicting members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, chosen primarily for aesthetic appeal
  • Player Collections.  Cards of my favorite players or players of interest.
  • Autographed baseballs, signed by members of the Baseball Hall Of Fame