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MJ, Pip, and The Glide

Growing up outside Chicago in the 1980s, it was impossible to avoid becoming a basketball fan, thanks to the efforts of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Looking back on it now, it is easy to see that I had a special opportunity, -to be able to watch every game these talented athletes played, and witness how truly great they were...much like you hear the older folk talk about NY baseball in the 1950s heyday when three teams were battling for attention. 

Aside from the Chicago Bulls team, and those two players specifically, the only other NBA player to really impress me with his play and character, was Clyde Drexler ("The Glide").  He had alot of that same smoothness and rythmn in his style of play that Jordan did, but was a far less assuming personality than MJ, which made him charismatic in his own way.  I saw much less of him than I did MJ and Pippen, but he was fun to watch nonetheless.

So it should be no surprise that my extremely modest basketball collection focuses upon those three players.